At SST, we consider the loading and lashing of our clients’ cargo to be one of the most important aspects of delivery. Legislation around properly securing loads for transport may be lacking, but we know that this is a vital element for the execution of a successful project. The lashing type, packing and protection of cargo to a specified standard on each and every load is planned in detail and checked on all cargo loaded, to mitigate risk and ensure that our clients’ valuable cargo arrives at its destination safely and without incident.



No cargo is too heavy, too bulky, too wide, too long or too high. The SST team relishes every opportunity to rise to a challenge and formulate the optimal solution to deliver any abnormal or special load smoothly, safely and cost effectively to where our client needs it, when it is needed. We have deep experience in every factor that goes into ensuring the smooth delivery of out of gauge loads, including high value project cargo. The SST team has been involved in the transport of super loads in excess of 200 metric tons. We are always on-hand throughout the project to keep our clients up to date and to answer any questions.

SST specialises in the transportation of any cargo or equipment to and from any destination in SADC, including:

• Mining machinery (yellow metal - including ADTs, excavators and dump trucks).
• Construction machinery (mobile cranes, crushers and trenchers).
• Engineered equipment (mill shells, shafts, screens, tanks, bowsers and rotors).
• Power generation equipment (transformers, vessels, reactors and generators).

We offer transport services to destinations in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, DRC and Tanzania.


SST moves all general cargo for a diverse range of industries, including the FMCG industry. We transport bagged product, hazardous materials, bulk liquids and containerised cargo, leveraging our network of more than 300 trailers.



Whether your project is the construction of a cement plant or a winder shaft, or the movement of a high value super load to a remote site, SST will provide an end to end solution.

Our comprehensive project management service includes load planning and handling, transport, rigging and crane hire. We also undertake route assessments and manage the applications for super load clearances. SST’s specialist team will provide technical drawings detailing trailer configurations and transport routes, to ensure that your project cargo is delivered to site safely and within the project timeframe. Our focus on reverse engineering - from delivery point back to the port of loading – means that no aspect of the project is overlooked and no risk unaccounted for.


SST will manage your total project on a turnkey basis, including the transport, loading and offloading of heavy machinery and equipment. Over more than two decades in business, our team has planned and executed some of the African logistics industry’s most challenging projects. We have built up a network of world-class suppliers and service providers, including established riggers and crane hire specialists who meet our testing standards.



When the use of standard crane lifting equipment is limited, our experts have the experience and skills to apply alternative methods such as jack and slide to lift, move and offload machinery.

At SST, we know that for the safe and reliable movement of transformers and reactors in particular, jack and slide is the preferred method to offload and position our power industry clients’ valuable units onto the plinth for final assembly.

Transformers are extremely sensitive to impact and require the utmost care when they are handled and moved from the lowbed to their final position. SST’s unwavering commitment to delivering this level of care is reflected in the many successful transformer projects that we have completed.

SST offers a turnkey service for transformers destined for South Africa as well as units that will be installed in other African countries, such as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi and the DRC.

Our services include:

• Megger testing before and after every movement of the transformer.
• Loading onto air suspension or hydraulic specialised trailers.
• Crosshauling smaller transformers that are often shipped on flat racks.
• Crane hire at the crosshauling facility.
• Transporting the transformer main body to its final destination on air suspension or hydraulic low beds.
• Transporting transformer accessories to the destination on flat deck super-links.
• Offloading the transformer onto the plinth.
• Offloading of the accessories at the destination.
• Assembly of the transformer.
• Cold commissioning of the transformer.
• Mobile oil plants (MOPs).
• Safety files and daily progress reports.

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